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Our commitment is to provide a high standard of quality and to produce homes and developments

with unique character and style that you will be proud of. 

We achieve this by listening to our client’s needs and aspirations and working closely with them.

Welcome to Ankira Projects

At Ankira Projects, we are committed to building the best homes the region has ever seen. Our team of experts listens to your requirements, works around your budget and designs a home that is right for you. We are passionate about delivering quality homes and thriving communities.

With most of the constructions and developments, you can find in the town, you wouldn’t want to miss opportunities to avail of the best solutions possible.

Let us assist you by offering experienced advice and a wide selection of home designs throughout the area. Contact us to learn more about our projects and offerings.


Our Developments



Ropes Crossing - Home & Land Package


Caledonia Estate [Ingleburn]


Northview Estate (Riverstone)

Why Ankira Projects?

Our Vision

The vision of Ankira Projects is to be a leading provider of customized homes and lifestyle solutions.

Our strategy is based on three core beliefs: quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation in design.

We aim to provide our customers with a quality home that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. We do this by providing a variety of options for each individual home, giving them the opportunity to choose the features that best suit their lifestyle.

We believe that our customers’ satisfaction is paramount, so we go above and beyond what is required from us to ensure they are happy with every aspect of their purchase. We pride ourselves on our customer service, which has been recognised by both industry experts and our clients themselves as being second-to-none.

Finally, we seek out new ways to innovate in design so that we can offer more options than ever before—and make sure that those options are always available at affordable prices.

Check out some of our recent developments:-

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