About Us

Who we are?

    We’re a team of designers, builders, and architects who are passionate about creating homes that are tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

    Our Business is acquiring land, obtaining planning consent and building homes of the highest quality in places that people want to live.

    Our approach is simple: we start by listening to you and then we draw up plans that are tailored to your dreams. We ensure that every detail is considered, from the way light falls in your home to how the kitchen runs seamlessly through to the dining table. We will even design your dream home around the furniture you already have!

    We believe that quality should be accessible to all Australians. That’s why our houses are built to last—from the materials used through to our construction methods and processes. Your home will be built with precision and care from start to finish, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

    We also offer a range of services beyond house building—we can help you plan your landscaping, interior design or renovation project from start to finish.

    We take pride in our expertise in land, design, construction and sales and marketing to get things done. As a housebuilding family, we ensure that each of our houses is built with care and attention.

    Our goal is to lead the future of housebuilding by putting customers first in everything we do.

    What do we offer?

      Designed for Better Life
      Customer-Driven focus
      Future Commitment
      Top-Notch Service
      • Great design is at the heart of all our developments which must meet the controls set out in the Council’s Development Control Plan.
      • Our geographic reach and product diversity allow us to maximize development opportunities across NSW whilst giving us a balanced development portfolio.
      • Ankira Projects creates safe and comfortable communities where residents love to live, work, and play. We provide our residents with modern homes that are light-filled and adaptable, finished to very high standards, with carefully planned public areas that enhance well-being and quality of life for all. Our communities foster a sense of community for all who live there.
      • We design and build both private and affordable housing and as a result of exceptional quality build, our innovative design, and our work ethic, we ensure our clients receive an exceptional experience.
      • Our commitment to creating sustainable communities begins by learning what our customers want and need. Through thoughtful planning and design, we strive to build well-built homes in pleasant, safe neighborhoods with plenty of amenities and good transport connections. By challenging ourselves to go further, we ensure that we satisfy the real needs of our customers in inspiring ways.
      • Our developments are planned to meet the needs of the local community, with the new homes we build ranging from 1-bedroom apartments to 6-bedroom family homes.
      • Planning a development requires a long-term vision of how the community can thrive years later. We enhance communities through intelligent design, quality landscaping and architecture, high sustainability standards, and more.
      • Ankira Projects takes pride in creating homes of the highest quality. From the outset, we consider each and every aspect of our developments: from the most suitable locations to the style of homes, construction practices and materials used.
      • We have an established reputation for exceptional, professional and efficient customer service and it is this commitment to quality that ensures each new home purchased from Ankira is built to the highest standards. All new properties come with a 10-year build warranty.

      Our Values 

      We believe that a strong, values-based working culture is crucial to our business. Our philosophy is that it can be sustained only by fostering long-term performance and customer loyalty.